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Public acceptance with clear public benefits

The Network supports UK governments to provide services which work efficiently in the interests of the public. The ADRN was not established for commercial gain.  The research made possible can help to address social and economic challenges across the UK now and in the future. The Network enables researchers to analyse patterns and behaviours, not individuals. In this way, it has the potential to enable government to improve services and care across all government departments, and can even save lives.

It is vital the Network keeps the public’s trust, and reassures them that personal and sensitive data is treated safely, securely, legally and ethically. Without public acceptance, there can be no Network, nor any research, regardless of public benefit. Transparency and accountability are embedded across the Network.

Before any project is authorised to use the ADRN, the researchers must articulate its potential public benefits to scrutiny panels and ethics committees. Without their approval a research project will not go ahead.

The ADRN fully appreciates the magnitude of failing to gain public acceptance so has established public panels across the Network and has lay members within the approval and governance structure to ensure the public viewpoint is of utmost consideration when making decisions.

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Page last updated: 06/09/2017