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Activities and events

The ADRN understands how important it is to listen to and engage with members of the public about the different areas of work the Network carries out.

The Network uses new technology and expertise in its role using data science to help tackle the social challenges of today and in the future. To raise awareness of this work the Administrative Data Service worked closely with award winning poet, Luke Wright, who’s poem ‘Dr Dobb’s Data Doohickey' is an engaging poem describing how Dr Dobbs came up with an idea to link administrative data in a bid to tackle social and economic challenges.

The ADRN organises and participates in a breadth of activities and events, such as the following. 

For more information about upcoming events, please visit the News and Events page.

Science festivals

Every year ADRN takes part in Science Festivals held all over the UK, engaging with a variety of audiences.

Public lectures

The Administrative Data Service organised a series of themed panel discussions for the public at the University of Essex on big data in Autumn 2016.

VCSE Workshops

ADRC-NI allows researchers to work with the voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) sector.

Large public engagement events

ADRN organises large events for public engagement with hundreds of people taking part in them.

Opportunities to get involved

Find out about ADRC-S and ADRC-W public panels and public members part of the ADRN Approvals panel

Page last updated: 18/07/2017