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Public engagement across the ADRN

What is the Administrative Data Research Network?

The Network - or ADRN - is a group of universities and national statistics agencies spread throughout the UK, who work together to help researchers get access to de-identified, linked administrative data.

How does the ADRN protect your privacy

We have many safeguards in place to ensure that researchers never see any directly identifying information, such as names, full addresses, full dates of birth, national insurance numbers, etc.

Public benefit

All applications submitted to the ADRN must demonstrate that their research has the potential to benefit society. This could be understanding how a particular policy affects people, or the needs of particular groups of people such as carers.

Meet the Public Engagement team

The ADRN has Public Engagement work going on across the network in each centre and ADS.

How the ADRN engages with the public

The ADRN understand how important it is to listen to and engage with the public about its work. The Network engage with publics in different ways.

Opportunities to get involved

Our research teams in Scotland and Wales both have public panels and our Approvals Panel also includes members of the public.


We try to anticipate and answer questions here from people who are interested in our work.


The ADRN uses specialist language. All these terms are defined in this list.

Page last updated: 24/11/2017