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The Network has experts across all aspects of using data for research, including data de-identification, data linkage, legal issues for the ADRN researcher and public engagement.  They have collaborated to create guides to help researchers use data more effectively.

An Introduction to Data Linkage

This guide is designed to give readers a practical introduction to data linkage and is aimed at researchers who would like to gain an understanding of data linkage techniques, either for the creation or analysis of linked data. It covers data preparation, deterministic and probabilistic linkage methods, and analysis of linked data, with examples relevant to health and other administrative data sources. This guide is relevant for academic researchers in the social and health sciences or those who work for government, survey agencies, official statistics, charities or the private sector.

Readers should use this guide as an introductory text on data linkage; to gain knowledge of the background and theory of data linkage methods; to understand how to perform basic deterministic and probabilistic linkage; and to consider how to evaluate and report data linkage quality.